Having a million-dollar smile and nice white teeth is something that everyone wants. Why? Because that is one of the first things people notice when they see you! Picking the right dentist to take care of your teeth is something that people want to have full confidence in. After all, they are the ones that are in charge of making sure you have those pearly whites that we all want. Here at Clock Tower Dental, we have a great team of hygienists backed by two amazing dentists, Dr. Darin R. Mooso and Dr. Marcus A. Thayn (the newest addition to our team), who will make sure you get that amazing smile you’ve always wanted!

Teeth Cleaning

When you go into the dentist’s office for a typical checkup every six months, what is the typical routine for you? You probably said to yourself, “teeth cleaning”. Well, that is what Dr. Mooso and Dr. Thayn do on a regular basis when they go into our Caldwell office. A typical teeth cleaning usually consists of them poking your teeth and gums with a pointy scalpel, making sure you don’t have any plaque on your teeth, and that your gums are healthy. Once that is complete, the hygienist scrubs your teeth with a special toothpaste that you cannot get in the stores to get your teeth as clean as possible!
One of the doctors will then evaluate your teeth and make sure everything is looking nice and clean, checking that your pearly whites are in great condition and that you don’t have any cavities – because let’s be real, who wants a cavity?

Tooth Extractions

Although a tooth extraction may not be something you think would be very typical, it happens! Extractions may be needed for a number of reasons, some of them being: decaying gums, positioning of the tooth, or even the jaw joint itself. But don’t worry, you’re in good hands with our team here at Clock Tower Dental. We will sit down and go over every detail to let you know why you need one and how we are going to handle it – we want all of our patients to be comfortable before every procedure!

Root Canals

How many times have you heard someone say, “I need to go into the dentist’s office and get a root canal?” Probably more times than you can think of! Here at Clock Tower Dental, Dr. Mooso and Dr. Thayn perform tons of root canals. If you don’t know what a root canal is, it is trauma or decay underneath the root of the tooth. This is a common procedure that can be easily fixed, and we are one of the best in the business to do it.


Something can happen at any given time with your teeth. Maybe you ate something too hard and cracked a tooth or took a fall and your tooth chipped. In the end, no one wants to damage their teeth. Not to worry. Either of our highly trained dentists are available for unexpected dental emergencies and will take care of your needs whenever you need during office hours. Knowing that your dentist is available for those unforeseen instances gives you comfort that you are going to be taken care of as soon as possible rather than having to worry about when that issue will be fixed and enduring any pain until then.

Crowns and Bridges

Sometimes there are things that you just can’t control, unfortunately – you may lose a tooth here and there as you go on in life. As much as no one wants to lose a permanent tooth, there are ways to recorrect that problem! In this case, that would be getting a crown or a bridge to replace that missing tooth. Crowns and bridges are important to get because your mouth still needs to function with a full set of teeth. Seeing this more often than not, we are excellent at performing these procedures to ensure that your set of teeth are healthy and are functioning properly.

Come stop by and let’s make sure you get the smile that you deserve! Contact us through our website and set up an appointment today!

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